Be human.
Connect better with website visitors.


Free plan for life. Takes less than 5 minutes.

Talk with visitors on the channels they already use (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram,...)

Build relationships instead of becoming a human chat robot.

205 Boei buttons make 5,274 visitors happy

A couple of weeks ago I added this new widget to my blog ( and apparently, that was the trick to get people to join my newsletter!

Dan Schoonmaker 🇺🇸

Definitely much much better than live chat plugins. It's working very well! I started to make sales right after I installed this. Thanks

Ibrahim 🇹🇷

Easy setup, lightweight (I checked... 5.5 Kb) and really practical. Boei is like a swiss army knife to connect with your users.

Jordi 🇪🇸

Why use Boei?

Meet your visitors where they are.

Why are we forcing visitors to use something new? They already have great communication channels! Don’t provide website chat only, but also Facebook messenger, Twitter DMs, WhatsApp, and other options.

Built-in widgets.

Boei has a number of superfly built in widgets. For example, you can use the newsletter widget to make an easy newsletter signup form. You can send signups to Zapier, a webhook, or your email.

Keep the conversation going even after they’ve left your website.

When you are talking to visitors over let say Facebook messenger, you know who they are. You can keep in contact with them after they left your website. Increase your conversions by building a relationship.

Lightweight script which keeps your site speed fast.

Boei's script is 300 times smaller than the Intercom script. Your page weight will be cut down, your site will load faster and your visitors will stay more focussed.

Doesn’t track nor collect any personal data.

Boei respects the privacy of your visitors. Your traffic data is not used for any other purposes. You fully own and control 100% of your data.

No cookie banners or GDPR/CCPA consent needed.

Don't you hate that your users need to click a consent button before they can chat with you? Boei does not use cookies and is fully compliant with GDPR, CCPA, PECR, and other privacy regulations out of the box.

Boei is friends with...


Facebook messenger


Google Maps




Direct Call



Intercom chat

Crisp chat

Twitter DMs & pages



More will come... Is there a channel you want? Let Ruben know

Integrates seamlessly with your favourite tools

Install Boei on WordPress, Shopify, Ghost, HTML, and many other platforms. You won't even need a developer. It is super simple!

See install guides

Or, add one line of code to your Html:

<script async defer src=""></script>




an anchored float serving as a navigation mark

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Free plan for life. Takes less than 5 minutes.